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Your Drunk Pictures

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Share your classic, funny and outrageous drunk Pictures and Videos here! Be Sure to vote on some of the other pictures, on the scale of 5 beer bottles. 1 beer bottle being not SofaKingDrunk at all, and 5 beer bottles being Super SofaKingDrunk! To add your own pictures to be voted on Click into the image gallery that your picture belongs, then click the “Upload Your Picture” button. (Please downsize any images larger than 5MB before uploading)

If you want to post a video, just post the link to the video and it will be embedded within a couple days.

Voting Scale

Vote “Thumbs Up” if you feel that person is SofaKingDrunk.

Vote”Thumbs Down” if you feel that person is not quite there.

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    If you have any good pictures of you or your friends looking real wasted, tossed or shitfaced, click into this gallery and share your pics.

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    This gallery is for pictures of insanely out-of-control parties… you know, the kinds of parties where there’s no more room in the house so people start partying on the roof. Add those pictures to this gallery.

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    If you’re like most guys, when you and your buddies get together, you probably take down a lot of beers. Share your pictures of giant beeramids or piles of empties in this gallery.

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  1. ritchie anderson says:

    get sofaking drunk its the best felling

  2. Rum Runner says:

    Sweet tat that Ritchie got…

  3. The SofaKing says:

    Woke up a little sweaty…

  4. Fox says:

    dont drink before a big test early in the morning cause your car will get wrapped and you will be late.

  5. The SofaKing says:

    Bad Drunk Hair Cut Decision

  6. The SofaKing says:

    Get’em started young…

  7. kay williams says:

    whatta night… lol.

  8. Stacey says:

    taliban makes us drink!

  9. denise says:

    Bathroom breaks are for napping (you can see my broken beer bottle towards my feet).

    ps. does image #8 feature “Bo” from A Shot at Love II w/Tila Tequilla?? haha

  10. denise says:

    haha… my friend was DONE. i was still goin.

  11. denise says:

    Drunk karaoke to “Mother” by Danzig. I’m headbanging.. he’s doing air guitar.. and yes, my beer is in a koozie.

  12. hugui ebreo says:

    puro ebreo jajaja

  13. Watson says:

    Wow both of my roomates made it up here. nice. I guess they are doing something right

  14. billy says:

    ruff night

  15. Stephanie says:

    96 Jello Shots for a camping trip

  16. Luke says:

    Yeah, I was fucked up.

  17. paczter says:

    thirsty thursday

  18. Drunk Dick says:

    My dick is drunk

  19. Dave says:

    Aw hell, my friends have a place to come share my drunk pictures past and present. I might as well get ready for it to happen.

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