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If you Drunk Dial us and we feel your message is worthy of getting up on our site, we will post your drunk message her!

So Drunk Dial, and say whats up! Let us know your first name and where your from. Then you can send the link to all your buddies giving them a little glimpse of your drunken night.

Have fun with it, be safe and put SofaKingDrunk’s Phone Number in your cell phone!

Dial (530) SOFA-KNG, or just click the “Call Me” button below to the right, and let us call you so you can leave your drunk message! Just enter in your name and number and we will call you immediately, then just leave your funny drunk message!

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By calling this number and leaving a message you are authorizing that it is okay for sofakingdrunk.com to post your message on our site.

B-Dog, Ventura, CA

Random, Provo, UT

Anita, Provo, UT

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  1. ash says:

    mannn i love this site but when rr u guys gunna up date the call list?

  2. The SofaKing says:

    Ash, we will update the call list this weekend. Most of the time the calls are too vulgar to put up so we just delete them.

    Check for yours soon!


    The SofaKing

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