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Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey Review, Buffalo Trace Drink Recipe


Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey, distilled in the beautiful region of Frankfort, Kentucky. Appearance: Light bronze in color, with hints of golden/red. Scent: After pouring a shot of the buffalo trace bourbon into an old-fashioned glass, I could immediately smell the great aroma of the bourbon. It wasn’t overpowering like some of the cheap bourbons that […]

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Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Review

This weekend we received the privileged of sampling all the flavors of the Firefly Sweet Tea Vodkas. Firefly offers 5 different flavors of Sweet Tea vodka which are: Original Sweet Tea, Raspberry, Mint, Lemon and Peach. All of which are amazing in their own way. If you haven’t tried any of these, we recommend you […]

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