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Drunk as a Skunk – What it means to be Drunk as a Skunk

Definition: Drunk As A Skunk (idiomatic) – AKA – Skunk Drunk 1. To be highly inebriated. 2. To be Intoxicated with alcohol to the point of impaired judgment and lack of physical and mental control. 3. Very drunk, sloshed, hammered, tossed. 4. To behave in a noisy or violent manner in a public place because […]

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Drunk Dial Definition, What is a Drunk Dial, Drunk Texting, and Drunk Phone Calls

Drunk Dials are basically nothing more that you being drunk, and making unnecessary calls that you probably shouldn’t be making. Usually leaving you in an embarrassing situation the next day in regret for the what was said during your drunk dial the night before. Drunk dials usually take place at an absurd hour of the […]

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