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Best Drinking Games, Top Party Games

Here are a list of the best drinking games ot play with your friends! Feel free to post some comments if you have some other drinking games that you think are beter than any of these: Carnival Type Games: Flip Cup BeerPong Card Games: Mushroom Kings Cup Moosehead Dice Games: 7, 11, or Doubles Three […]

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Dimes Drinking Game

What’s Needed: Beer, an ash tray, and several dimes (Note: No more than 2 dimes per person total at the table). Objective: To land your dimes on the ashtray. Last person to have their dime land (and stay on) the ashtray has to drink. How to Play: Turn the ashtray upside down. This makes landing […]

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Chandelier Drinking Game

What’s Needed: A quarter, a cup for every person plus one extra, whatever you are drinking. How to Play: Put the extra cup in the middle and surround it with the excess cups (and fill all with whatever you might be drinking. Each cup besides the center cup will be assigned to a person (does […]

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Aussie Coin Flip Drinking Game

What’s Needed: a friend to play with, a shot glass each, a bottle of your favorite liquor and a quarter. How to Play: Each choose you favorite side, heads or tails (If you both have the same favorite, whoever calls it first). Start flipping. If it lands on your side of the coin, then your […]

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Quarters Drinking Game

What’s Needed: A quarter and a glass. How to Play: The shooter tries to bounce a quarter off the table and into a glass. If the quarter goes into the glass, the shooter chooses a person at the table to drink (an amount decided on by the table). The shooter’s turn is over when he/she […]

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