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Pairing Beer and Food, What Beer Goes Good With What Food?

What Beer Goes Good With What Food? Pairing food and drink is almost an art form. When you think of pairing food with a drink, you most likely think of what wine will go good with whatever it is you are eating. Whether you are having chicken or fish, you probably think white wine. Or […]

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Brass Funky Punch Drink Recipe

Combine: 3 parts Mickey’s Malt liquor (or any Malt Liquor) 1 part Orange juice Pour orange juice into Mickey’s Malt Liquor into a pitcher or punch bowl and enjoy the good life! Also be sure to check out the Original Brass Monkey!

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Brass Monkey Drink Recipe – Gangster Version

This drink consists on about three parts malt liquor and one part Sunny Delight (or any type of orange juice you prefer.) 40 oz. Malt liquor (Olde English 800, King Cobra, etc.) Orange Juice Typically we will drink the 40 oz. down just below the top of the label. Then fill it back up the […]

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