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Pairing Beer and Food, What Beer Goes Good With What Food?

What Beer Goes Good With What Food? Pairing food and drink is almost an art form. When you think of pairing food with a drink, you most likely think of what wine will go good with whatever it is you are eating. Whether you are having chicken or fish, you probably think white wine. Or […]

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Hop Skip & Get Naked Drink Recipe

One Handle of cheap ass gin 12 pack of cheap ass beer 2 frozen cans of pink lemonade. Mix all ingredients into a cooler and enjoy! The pink lemonade hides the terrible taste of the cheap gin and cheap beer… Mix it up, hop skip and get naked!!!

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Beertini Drink Recipe aka Redneck Martini

How to make a Beertini/Redneck Martini: The Beertini, also known as the Red Neck Martini. All it takes is your favorite light beer, poured into a cold glass, mug or if you are a real classy Redneck, in a Martini Glass. Then throw a couple Martini Olives in there, and pour a little of the […]

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1964 Bomb Drink Recipe

2 oz Jim Beam® bourbon whiskey 12 oz Budweiser® lager Pour the Jim Beam bourbon whiskey into a beer mug filled with Budweiser. Drink up!

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Dixie Car Bomb Drink Recipe

1/2 oz Old Crow® bourbon whiskey 1/2 oz butterscotch schnapps 15 oz Pabst® lager Just like an Irish Car Bomb, pour the whiskey on top of the schnapps in a shot glass, and drop it into a pint of Pabst beer, and GHUG!

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