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Why drink and online gambling don’t always go together

There’s nothing wrong with a little tipple, and there’s nothing wrong with a little flutter, however where online gambling is concerned they are not always the best of bedfellows. Online gambling is usually a solitary activity – you might be interacting with others via the site, but you are sitting on your own. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, as we all well know, and makes anything seem like a good idea. Therefore it can interrupt your ability to make a sensible bet, and a bad bet might end up seeming like a very good idea indeed.

Both alcohol and any online activity can act as time warps – ever been in a club for what feels like twenty minutes, online to find out that it’s actually two a.m. and the bouncer is not your friend? Or had a ‘quick look online’ for Christmas presents and managed to spend an entire evening on Amazon? So combining the two together can be deadly for those who have time and budget limits for their online gambling.

Alcohol and gaming both cost money. For those who have gambling budgets this isn’t such a problem, although a glass of wine or four might make gamblers inclined to over step their budget. Drink can also make you a bit morose, which can lead to reckless or ill-considered behavior (like putting your life savings on red, because *hic* issallajoke, righ’? *hic*) that can damage your finances.

Online gambling and alcohol mix less well than live gambling because there isn’t the same ‘party’ atmosphere. Online casinos don’t have tall, good-looking women walking around handing out drinks – there are no distractions. If you want to try this for yourself the you could play the best Canadian online slots games at LuckyNuggetCasino.com/online-slots. Behavioral scientists have made links between alcohol and gambling addiction in the past – both are repetitive, both are habit forming, and both should be handled with care. Unlike in a ‘bricks and mortar’ casino, online casinos can’t tell if you’ve had enough – so it’s up to you to monitor your behavior.

Everything in moderation can lead to a very good time indeed. Both gambling and drinking have to be approached with a healthy mind set, which means doing neither too much or for too long. Online gambling is a fantastic hobby when well-managed, so why ruin it with drink? The Australian Government has this very interesting page about alcohol and gambling, when they mix well and when they don’t. Give it a read – The Right Mix.

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