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Convenient Beer Bottle Bongs

If you have ever been to a party (stupid question) then you will probably be aware of funnel bongs. Dome shaped with a foot of tubing that allows you to quickly down a beer…or two. They are usually great party starters! The only problem with them however is their size. Yeah, they aren’t as big as a fridge and we aint complaining that our lives end when we have to carry them, but in today’s world, smaller equals better (Yeah, that’s right, Steve). For that reason, a beer bottle bong is perfect!

Beer bongs, although compact, still allow you to down your beer in one go; in fact, due to small straw-like tubing that allows air to replace your beer that you drink, you should theoretically be able to down your beer even quicker than a standard beer bong would allow you. They also give a whole new meaning to the phrase pocket rocket.

Beer bongs are not only a great hit amongst college students, party partygoers and frat-parties, but the fun of competing with others to down a beer will even get your Granny to use one:

If all else fails, they are extremely cheap and make great Birthday and Christmas presents! Especially when you are strapped for cash and you don’t want to be that friend who is shit at buying gifts.

Please comment below if you have had a chance to use a bottle beer bong before and what your thoughts are compared to a standard funnel beer bong.

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