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Fun Things to do with Beer on the 4th of July

The 4th of July is just around the corner, and I’m sure you are looking for fun things to do during your 4th of July parties and BBQs. We have got just the thing for you!

This year, while you are sitting around drinking beer and barbequing you should be making your own beer!  That’s right, make your own home brewed beer.   What better way to celebrate the 4th than making beer and drinking beer!

If you have never home brewed beer before, it is a great hobby that will become a passion of yours once you see and taste the great quality beers that you are able to make right in your own back yard!  Whether you like Pale Ales, IPA’s, Brown Ales, Blonde Ales, Stouts, Porters, etc., you name it, you can brew it!

You and your friends and family will have a blast brewing because you get to appreciate all the fresh ingredients that go into making beer!  There is nothing like smelling the the fresh hops before they get tossed into the kettle, or the roasted smell of the barley as it steeps.  Home brewing will give a much greater appreciation for beer and help you to expand your tastes for different styles of beer.

This 4th of July we will be brewing an All-American Pale Ale.  What better way to celebrate this holiday than brewing an American Ale!

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