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Find Cheap Beer Near You – Save on Brew

The internet is full of — let’s face it — useless shit. Remember Subservient chicken? Yep, that was time well spent.


Every once in a while, the internet makes us go: Hrmmm. These guys are onto something.


The idea is — put in your zip code (or better, your full address) and some sort of magical internet gnomes find all the lowest advertised beer within X miles of your location (there’s a radius filter — 5 miles, 10 miles, etc.) Sort of like Google for beer.

You can sort the results, and then click on the beer to get all sorts of useful details, including a handy dandy Google map that shows you where you can go to get the suds. If we’d had this back in college, we could have saved our folks a ton-o-cash!

The results show domestics, imports, crafts and ‘adult flavored beverages.’ I put in my zip code and found more than 60 deals within 5 miles of my zip. Pretty cool! Due to the nature of how craft beers advertise, there are fewer there than we’d like to see. But as those craft beers grow up, so will their advertising budgets and then they can get in and mix it up a little better with the big boys.

As of this writing, they say they’re just “a couple weeks away” from their mobile app, which will make this thing about ten thousand times more awesome.

Try it out and tell your friends. That’s what beer buddies are all about.

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