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BEARPONG Review, Bear Pong Drinking Game


Bear Pong Review Drinking GameI know you are all familiar with Beer Pong, but have you ever heard of Bear Pong?!

This is a fun new take on the classic Beer Pong Drinking game that we all know and love to a whole new scale!  BEARPONG is oversized portable Beer Pong that can be played anywhere!! It does not require unnecessary tables and is extremely portable. Bear pong can be played pretty much anywhere that you have some open space; your backyard, the beach, a park, tailgates etc.  And the whole game comes in a handy carrying case that makes it easy to take with you.

This is a well made game with quality materials.  The buckets and carrying case are high quality and are sure to last a long time.  The game itself is not a drinking game… but it can definitely be adapted to fit your needs!  Just like beer pong, everywhere you play there seems to be slight variations on the rules and when to drink.  BEARPONG can be adapted in the same way.  Here you can find the classic rules, straight from the BEARPONG.com.

Bear Pong is a ton of fun to play with your friends and family and a well needed twist on the game of beer pong!  Beer Pong was getting a bit old and needed a change.  And for all you college students, this game will motivate you to get you out of your dingy dorm room or frat-house and enjoy some fresh air for a change!  We highly recommend ordering yourself a BEARPONG kit.


Feel free to post comments below if you have had a chance to play Bear Pong and what rules you like to play by… especially if you have made this game into your own drinking game!

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