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Why Do Drinking and Smoking Go Together?

Drinking & Smoking are like a married couple; where one is the other is sure to follow.  Why is this?  Why do Drinking and Smoking go hand in hand?  Why is it that after a few cocktails or beers, you suddenly want to smoke a cigarette with your friends, even if you aren’t an everyday smoker?

This is a something we have thought about for along time and can’t seem to come up with a good explanation for why this is.   People that don’t normally smoke all the sudden want to have a cigarette after drinking a couple beers… whats the deal with this?!  We would be the first to admit that we are guilty of this too.  We aren’t smokers by any means, but after a couple cocktails, a smoke starts to sounds pretty good!

E-CigarettesWe don’t have an explanation for why this is.  The only real explanation that we could come up with for why people smoke after a having a few drinks, is just simply that they don’t care as much. Their cares about how they smell, what they might be doing to their body, and what other people might think of them go out the window. Either that, or they just feel really cool for those 2 minutes sucking on that cigarette.

But every time after you smoke you wish you hadn’t because you stink the rest of the night, yet next time you go out and drink with your friends you do it again.  A pretty cool alternative to cigarettes are the new E-Cigarettes.  E-Cigs are electronic cigarettes that have No tar, No tobacco, No ash & No smell! Plus since you don’t burn any tobacco, they don’t give off any harmful smoke, so you can smoke e-cigs anywhere, anytime!  These are definitely worth looking into whether or not you are a smoker.  They have all kinds of different flavors and different levels of nicotine that you can get.  Especially if you are somewhere that doesn’t allow smoking, you can still get your fix.

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If you have a good explanation why drinking and smoking seem to go so well together, post a comment below!

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  1. Rum Runner says:

    These should be required in all Vegas hotels. They should come in the smoking rooms, they should be handed to guests when they check in. That’d make the casino such a better environment.

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