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Home Brewing: True Brew, Oktoberfest Beer Review


True_Brew_Oktoberfest_Beer_ReviewWe just finished our next brew kit from True Brew by Crosby & Baker, which was the Oktoberfest beer kit.  Like all the other True Brew Beer Ingredient Kits, this one came with everything you need to brew the beer from start to finish, it even includes bottle caps.  All you need to provide is the equipment to brew the beer, and the bottles to put the beer into.

Difficulty to Brew
The True Oktoberfest beer kit was a lot of fun to brew, like all the others. The kit comes with everything you need to make a 5 gallon batch of beer. The Kit contains:

  • Unhopped Amber Malt Extract (1 can)
  • Light Dried Malt Extract (2 lbs)
  • Melanoidin Grain (8 oz)
  • Hop Pellets (2 oz)
  • Ale Yeast (1 pack)
  • Grain Steeping Bag
  • Priming Sugar (5 oz)
  • Bottle Caps
  • Instructions

Pretty much all the of the True Brew beer ingredient kits seem to be similar in how difficult they are to brew. They are all very manageable kits even though you have more ingredients to deal with than some other home brewing kits that are on the market. The True Brew Instructions are perfect and easy to follow. This kit was fun to do because it was not too difficult to manage, but still fun to cook.

Taste and Outcome
The beer only needed to stay in the fermenter for a week, and didn’t need to go through a secondary fermentation.  We tested the gravity of the beer and it was right in the range that it should be (stated by the instructions), so we bottled the beer and gave it another week to sit in the bottles.

Our first glass of the True Brew Oktoberfest looked and smelled great. The beer was slightly cloudier than we were expecting, but it had a great aroma.  The beer had a wonderful bouquet with very mild hints of citrus, giving it that authentic German feel that you would expect in an Oktoberfest beer.

The taste was just as good as the smell. The color, smell and taste of the beer all resembled the True Brew Belgian Ale Kit that we previously brewed by Crosby and Baker.  The flavor was well achieved, and what you would be looking for in a typical German Oktoberfest.  The color of the beer color was a bit murky, almost like a hefeweizen, and the flavor was a lot like the Belgian Ale, but a bit more mild.  There wasn’t as strong of a citrus flavor to this beer as compared to the Belgian Ale.

This kit is definitely worth trying! The Oktoberfest Beer Kit was just as fun to brew as any of the other True Brew kits, and you get an amazing tasting beer.  This beer has a very mild and smooth flavor with hints of citrus, making it an excellent choice to pair with food! We highly recommend this kit for fans of Oktoberfest beers, or Belgian Ales.

Stay tuned, we will be brewing more True Brew Beer kits and posting reviews for them.

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  1. I just brewed this today, is the yeast a Lager or an Ale yeast? I couldn’t tell from the directions so I’m fermenting it at 55F.

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