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Home Brewing – What Do I Need & What Does is Cost to Start Home Brewing?

Start home brewing_Start up costs

In this article we will cover the basics of what you will need to start home brewing, and what it will cost you.

The start up costs for home brewing aren’t too bad considering the payoff.

To start your home brew set, below is a list of equipment and materials that you will need. Some things you may not need immediately, but will most likely want them once you get a little more familiar with the home brewing process. Most home brewing recipes make batches of beer that are 5 gallons, so for the list of items below, we will be recommending products that work well for a typical 5 gallon batch of beer.

What you will need to start Home Brewing:
1. Brewpot (About 20-quart stainless steel pot, you may already have a huge pot at home that will work great for this) $10-20
2. Primary fermenter (6 Gallon Plastic Bucket with Lid, or plastic/glass carboy with stopper) $20-40
3. Airlock (This will allow for the carbon dioxide gas to escape during the fermenting process, without letting any air into the fermenter.) $1-2
4. Plastic hose (About 5-feet long. You will need for transferring the beer from the fermenter into the bottling bucket) $2-4
5. Bottling bucket (A second 6-gallon plastic bucket to transfer your beer into, from the fermenter. You can just get one of these at home depot or any hardware store) $2-5
6. Bottles (Either Plastic reusable bottles or glass bottles (not twist off tops), washed and ready to cap. If you are using glass bottles you will need a capper. For beginners, these plastic bottles work great, and are very easy to use, and reuse, and they are 25oz each, so you have to fill less bottles up.)
7. Sanitizer (Diluted bleach can be used, but Star San Sanitizer is the best way to go because you won’t have to worry about rinsing it off) $5-10
8. Stick-on thermometer (To stick on to the outside of the fermenter to monitor the temperature while the beer is fermenting) $0.99

Might need later:
1. Bottle Capper (if glass bottles are used) $15
2. Hydrometer (Measures the alcohol level of your beer, without one you wont know how strong your beer is, so you might want to buy one for your first batch) $5-10
2. Cheese Cloth (Holds your grain and hops while boiling) $3-5
3. Cooking Thermometer (To measure the temperature of your beer when cooking) $5-10
4. Long Spoon (For stiring the beer. Needs to be long enough for a 6-gallon bucket) $5
5. Bottle Brush (To easily scrub out beer bottles) $3-5
6. Fine Mesh Strainer (To strain out any excess grain or hops that may be floating around in your beer) $5-10

Total cost of supplies to start home brewing will probably run you somewhere between $60-125 depending on what you buy and what you might already have around your house. But the good thing is that these supplies will last you a long time, and you will be able to brew many batches of beer with them. You can find Home Brewing Starter Kits that will have all of these supplies for you, and it will cost you about the same price, maybe a little more than buying individually, but it saves you the hassle of running around trying to collect everything.

Now you know the basics of what you will need to get started home brewing.  Check back soon for more articles about home brewing, as we will be reviewing different home brewing kits and discussing if home brewing can actually save you money!

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chiotsrun/
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