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Pairing Beer and Food, What Beer Goes Good With What Food?

Pairing Beer and FoodWhat Beer Goes Good With What Food?

Pairing food and drink is almost an art form. When you think of pairing food with a drink, you most likely think of what wine will go good with whatever it is you are eating. Whether you are having chicken or fish, you probably think white wine. Or red meat you immediately think red wine.

But here is the problem, most guys drink beer! And is seems like more and more women are drinking beer as well. So below is a great list of foods that go great with different types of beer. Weather you are having chicken, steak, turkey, salad, fried foods, etc. We got a beer that will go great with anything on the menu.

So next time you know what you are going to be having for dinner, don’t feel like you are stuck with the same old red or white wine. Check the below list of food and what beers will go great with those foods. Chances are, once you find the perfect beer for that food, you won’t go back to wine! Let the list below guide you to beer and food pairing heaven!

As always, post a comment if there is a beer and food pairing that you love that doesn’t appear below.

From brew-monkey.com:

Dish Beer



Fried foods Pilsner, Pale, IPA, ESB
French Onion Soup Strong red or Brown ale, Scotch ale
Cream soups Pilsner
Beef Stew or hearty soup Brown ale or Porter



Leafy green salad (cream dressing) Pilsner
Leafy green salad (vinegar & oil) Brown ale
Fruit salad Fruit beer or Wheat beer



Falafel ESB
Grilled asparagus Stout
Potatoes and onions with garlic Amber
Grilled portabella mushrooms with guacamole Brown ale
Garlic mashed potatoes Brown ale or Porter



Chicken with a brown mushroom gravy Nut brown ale, or Porter
Fried chicken with white gravy Marzen, Oktoberfest, Pale, Porter
Chicken Cordon bleu Marzen
Turkey Bock, Oktoberfest


Beef and Lamb:

Beef Wellington Brown ale
Porterhouse steak Porter
Prime Rib Brown ale
Herbed lamb ESB
Roast leg of lamb Scottish ale, Marzen



Pork ribs Vienna style lager
Roast pork German Wheat or Marzen
Pork tenderloin Stout



Crab or lobster Pilsner or Stout
Shrimp Wheat, Wit, Pilsner
Spicy shrimp ESB, Pale
Fish Wheat, Pilsner
Spicy fish IPA
Fried seafood Pale, ESB, IPA
Oysters Stout
Caviar American lightly flavored lager


Breakfast: Yes, with breakfast foods – as breakfast food can be eaten anytime of the day.

Eggs Oatmeal stout
Pancakes Stout
Sausage Bock



Chocolate Chocolate Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Raspberry Stout
Fruit Belgian or Pilsner
Cheesecake Porter or Chocolate Stout
Ice cream Frambois, Sweet or Chocolate Stout, Fruit beer



Pasta Amber
Pizza Amber or ESB
Popcorn Pilsner
Pretzels Bock
Cajun or spicy Mexican lager style, Pilsner, Bock
Sushi Japanese lager
BBQ Amber, Bock, Dunkel, Rauchbier

By: Chris Love

Photo Credit:
/ CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

http://www.flickr.com/photos/sss-showcase/ / CC BY-NC 2.0
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One Comment

  1. Beer & Food Pairing says:

    Here are some basic guidelines that i like to follow also when pairing food and beer together:

    Pale Ales – Salads, light appetizers, fish and seafood

    India Pale Ales (IPAs) – IPAs can stand up to a little more richness and flavor. They can go well with things like pulled pork, pizza, and fried chicken, as well as lighter salads and seafood dishes. And if you like heat, try an IPA with spicy food – the hoppiness really pumps up the spice quotient!

    Hefeweizens and Wheat Beers – Fruit dishes, dinner salads, grain salads, and desserts made with warm spices (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg).

    Amber Ales – Ambers are a good middle-of-the-road beer and go well with just about anything: burgers, grilled cheese, roast chicken, soups and stews

    Stouts and Porters – Barbecue, stews, braised dishes – any kind of meat dish, really. Also rich desserts with chocolate and espresso flavors.

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