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Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Review

Fire Fly Sweet Tea Vodka ReviewThis weekend we received the privileged of sampling all the flavors of the Firefly Sweet Tea Vodkas. Firefly offers 5 different flavors of Sweet Tea vodka which are: Original Sweet Tea, Raspberry, Mint, Lemon and Peach. All of which are amazing in their own way. If you haven’t tried any of these, we recommend you do. If you think that they are going to taste like vodka with a hint of tea flavor, you are wrong. These products taste just like Sweet Tea, with a hint of vodka. They are amazing!

How to Drink Sweet Tea Vodka:
After testing a few different mixed drinks with the different flavors of sweet tea vodkas, we found our favorites. Mixing any of the Firefly Sweet tea vodkas (Especially the original) with lemonade, just like making and Arnold Palmer, is amazing. You don’t taste the vodka at all! This is a very smooth drink, amazing for a hot summers day.

Our next favorite way to drink Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is just by pouring it straight on the rocks. Everyone of the flavors they offer are great to do this with. They are not too overpowering in their in the additional flavoring. They are smooth and easy to sip on. We like to pour the sweet tea vodka straight on the rocks and add a splash of water to it. They are pretty sweet, so diluting it a little helps you bring out the flavors of the Sweet Teas a little more and lets you savor it just a little bit longer.

So go out and pick some Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka up this weekend and test it out. You won’t be disappointed. We don’t care for the flavor of vodka too much, but when we tasted these we were fans immediately. So if you aren’t a vodka drinker, just give it a shot. We did and loved it!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys! We really appreciate it here.

    Feel free to contact us at anytime.


    Twitter: @Fireflyvodka

  2. chelsea says:

    ANYTHING goes with the Sweet Tea vodka! Yes, the Arnold is above and beyond but I add a splash of cranberry juice which only makes it more smooth! Also when it’s mixed with pink lemonade it has a total different taste! It’s much sweeter and more smooth. This stuff is the bee’s knees and it’s the perfect Southern gift! Send it to friends in other parts of the country or in another country– I’ve done both and have had nothing but rave reviews!
    Next I want the Scuppernong!

  3. Mike says:

    Jack Manhattans were always my drink of choice in the cold winter months. After tasting the Peach Firefly I now have a new favorite to chase away the chills! Thanks for suggesting it!

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