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Watering Hole Definition, What is a Watering Hole?

Watering Hole DefinitionDefinition: Watering Hole (noun)

1. Bar, nightclub, restaurant, pub, tavern, etc.
2. Popular bar or other social gathering place where alcoholic drinks are sold.
3. A place that serves alcoholic beverages.
4. A place where you go to get Drunk.
5. A location to go to lift your spirits and get refreshing drinks.

Synonyms –
bar, joint, dive, club, pub, tavern, restaurant

Heading downtown to my favorite watering hole tonight, anyone want to come?

Hey guys, lets head over to a watering hole and get some drinks. I am thirtsy!

Man today sucked, I need a pick me up! Who wants to head down to the watering hole with me to get a pint?

What is the best watering hole to go to around here?

Lets go get Sofa King Drunk at the local watering hole tonight!

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