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Definition of Shit-Faced, What Does It Take to be Truly Shitfaced

Drunk Fall Onto StairsDefinition: Shit-Faced (adjective/slang)
AKA Butt-Faced

1. Very Very Drunk, intoxicated beyond comprehension.
2. To be extremely inebriated, to the point of forgetting your name, or where you are at.
3. Having reached an all time high of alcohol consumption and unable to control yourself.
4. Unable to stand or walk in a straight line.
5. Unable to say any of the following words correctly on the first try: Indubitably, Innovative, Preliminary, Proliferation, Cinnamon
6. Too drunk to stand, move or talk.

How to become Shit Faced:
Start drinking…. Keep drinking…. When you are at a point of complete drunkenness, you are probably a beer or two away from being Shit-Faced. (Not recommended)

Synonyms –
Blitzed, bombed, boozed up, buzzed, dead drunk, drunk as a skunk, dead to the world, drunken, feeling good, feeling no pain, flushed, flying, fried, gone, hammered, half in the bag, high, hooched up, inebriated, jacked, juiced, liquored up, lit, loaded, pissed, poluted, retarded, sauced, seeing double, sloshed, sofa king drunk, stoned, tanked, three sheets to the wind, tipsy, totaled, twisted, under the influence, under the table, wasted, woozy, zonked

I am sooo shit faced right now! We have been drinking since noon yesterday!

Did you see how shitfaced that guy is? Hid face seriously looks like shit!

Hey man, I’m bored.  Lets get outta here and go get shit-faced.

Dude, I have never been so shit faced as that time I drank that whole bottle of sweet tea vodka by myself!

Troy: Last night I must have been so shit-faced… I woke up with a busted chin and a lump on my head.
Doug: Yeah you were! You fell down the stairs… You don’t remember that!?
Troy: Nope! I’m glad I don’t… it probably hurt.

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