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Definition of Plastered, What is means to be Plastered Drunk

Plastered Drunk DefinitionDefinition: Plastered (adjective/slang)
AKA Plastered Ass Drunk

1. Slurring words, unable to put a sentence together.
2. To be Intoxicated with alcohol to the point of impaired judgment and lack of physical and mental control.
3. Heavily under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
4. Unable to stand or walk in a straight line.
5. Being so drunk that you are making people sick with the scent of alcohol permeating from your body.
6. Being completely F’d up due,  to a horribly enormous consumption of alcohol.

Synonyms –
Blitzed, bombed, boozed up, buzzed, dead drunk, drunk as a skunk, dead to the world, drunken, feeling good, feeling no pain, flushed, flying, fried, gone, hammered, half in the bag, high, hooched up, inebriated, jacked, juiced, liquored up, lit, loaded, pissed, poluted, sauced, seeing double, sloshed, sofa king drunk, stoned, tanked, three sheets to the wind, tipsy, totaled, under the influence, under the table, wasted, woozy, zonked

Man, look at how plastered that guy is… He just tried to shit in the urinal!!

That chic was so plastered last night, she pissed a puddle.

Tim: 10 beers each in an hour… are you guys as drunk as I am?
Frank: “Drunk” is an understatement. I am PLASTERED!!!
Tim: Yes! Lets drink some more!

That chic was sooo plastered… she couldn’t even say plastered!

Dude, Kyyyle is suck a puss! He was plastered after only 13 shots of rum!

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/obie099/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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  1. Rum Runner says:

    Haha… that picture definitely illustrates “plastered”. Actually, that guy is more PLASTURRRRED.

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