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Three Sheets to the Wind – Definition of being Three Sheets to the Wind

Three Sheets to the Wind DefinitionDefinition: Three Sheets to the Wind (idiomatic)

To understand this phrase, you must first understand the origin of the phrase “Three Sheets to the Wind.” The term was brought about a long time ago and was used as nautical terminology. Three Sheets to the wind was sailors’ language. The “Sheets” are the ships ropes that are used to tie down the ships 3 main sails. If these ropes were loose or not tied down, the sails would flop around in the wind, causing the ship to wobble and rock around, much like a drunken sailor.

1. Very Drunk
2. To be so drunk that you are swaying as you walk, like you are on a ship at sea.
3. Drunk as a sailor.
4. Can’t walk straight because you drank too much.
5. Extremely inebriated.

Synonyms –
Blitzed, bombed, boozed up, buzzed, dead drunk, dead to the world, drunk as a skunk, drunken, feeling good, feeling no pain, flushed, flying, fried, gone, hammered, half in the bag, high, hooched up, inebriated, jacked, juiced, liquored up, lit, loaded, pissed, polluted, sauced, seeing double, sloshed, stoned, tanked, tipsy, totaled, under the influence, under the table, wasted, woozy, zonked

Treasure Island, 1883 –
“Maybe you think we were all a sheet in the wind’s eye. But I’ll tell you I was sober; “

After drinking a bottle of rum, Tim was walking as if he had three sheets to the wind.

Jenny was three sheets to the wind by the time we made it out of the house, seeing as how she was making out with every dude at the bar.

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