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Drunk Dial Definition, What is a Drunk Dial, Drunk Texting, and Drunk Phone Calls

Drunk Dial Us ButtonDrunk Dials are basically nothing more that you being drunk, and making unnecessary calls that you probably shouldn’t be making. Usually leaving you in an embarrassing situation the next day in regret for the what was said during your drunk dial the night before. Drunk dials usually take place at an absurd hour of the night causing even more shame and embarrassment.

Drunk Dials usually happen because of your drunk assumption that it would be a good idea to start calling people from your cell phone. In your drunken stupor you don’t seem to think that the people you are calling at 3 A.M. might be sleeping, or don’t want to hear from you at such an outrageous hour.

This also goes for Drunk Texting. When you drunk text someone at 3 in the morning and you don’t hear back, your drunk brain decides that if you send some more texts, you are for sure to hear back.

Drunk Dials are usually initiated when everyone at the bar is sick of listening to your shit so you decide that it is a good idea to wake up some friends to have listen to your shit.

Who to Drunk Dial – Drunk Dials and Drunk Texting usually are sent to good friends, X-girlfriends or x-boyfriends, or just a hook up.

Results – Drunk Dials usually leave you in a state of embarrassment the next day for being overly emotional, incoherent/unintelligible, or just creepy the night before.

“I got his drunk-dial last night”
Verb: “Sebastian made an ass out of himself when he drunk dialed Kelli.”

Jane: “I should probably call Keith, I haven’t talked to him in so long! We used to be so close!” (The proceeds to dial, or text Keith)
Keith: “Dude!  Its 4am, WTF!!!?  Leave me alone!

“Hey man, go take Jason’s phone away from him before he starts drunk dialing her again.”

Guy calling his X-Girlfriend: “I just love you and miss you and want to get back together with you.”
X-Girlfriend: “Don’t ever call me again psycho!!”

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