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Does One Eye Drunk Driving Work? Driving With One Eye While Drunk

Does Driving with one eye while drunk work?

The one eye drunk driving trick didn’t work for this lady, and the court didn’t agree with her defense… at all! And if you ever get pulled over for drunk driving, don’t try to argue that this works!

From thelocal.se:

for driving while intoxicated did her best to get officers to turn a blind eye toward her offence.

Last summer police received a tip about the woman’s erratic driving near Östernärke in central Sweden, reports the Nerikes Allehanda newspaper.

Upon catching up with the woman’s vehicle, which was swerving across all lanes, officers tried in vain with sirens and lights to get the woman to pull over.

After being followed for three kilometres, the woman finally stopped at the side of the road as officers pulled up alongside.

A breath test revealed the woman’s blood alcohol level was nearly ten times Sweden’s legal limit of 0.02 percent.

In pleading her case on the side of the road, the 56-year-old woman argued that her driving wasn’t affected because she’d been careful to keep one eye closed to prevent her from seeing double.

Unfortunately, the court saw right through her defence, and sentenced the woman to two months in prison for aggravated drunken driving.

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