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The Original Sofa King Drinking Game, Sceptre Drinking Game

An original SofaKingDrunk.com Drinking Game

Whats Needed: Lots of Beer (in cans) & Duct Tape

The game is really simple, who ever is playing just start drinking your beer. When you finish, rip off a piece of duct tape, place a new unopened beer on top of your empty, and tape them together. Try to make a pretty tight seal so it wont leak any extra in there, and also when your Sceptre (stack of beers) gets really tall, you will need it to be as stiff as possible to drink out of. After taping your unopened beer on top of your empty, open and continue drinking. Then repeat process. Whoever has the tallest sceptre in the house is the Sofa King and can make demands as he wishes (Giving out drinks, etc.). Once everyone is done playing, whoever’s sceptre is the longest at the end of the night is “The Sofa King of the House!”

Credit to El Jefe!

Here are some examples of The Sofa Kings at work:

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  1. The SofaKing says:

    Great game, try it out! Become the SofaKing of the house!!

  2. Jax says:

    We call this game wizard staff where i’m from, but instead of one “king” the goal is to drink a staff higher then yourself. When you do you are given free reign to beat others with your staff. This game always dissolves into a brawl!

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