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Top 10 Party Schools in The U.S., Top 10 Party Colleges

If you are looking for a Party school, here is the list for you! Here is the 2008 list of top party Colleges in the United States according to MSM Encarta:
“When it’s time to take a break from the books, the students at these ten colleges definitely know how to cut loose and let the good times roll. According to The Princeton Review’s survey of 120,000 college students for the Best 366 Colleges: 2008 Edition, raising the roof is par for the course at these top ten party schools.
1. West Virginia University (Morgantown, West Virginia)

West Virginia students highlight “exceptional partying,” “some of the best NCAA football,” and “amazing” tailgates as the school’s social staples. Of course, while there are plenty of high-octane parties, there’s also an alcohol-free program each weekend called WV Up All Night. Here students can enjoy “movies and comedy shows and games and free food at the student center.” Hometown Morgantown also earns high marks. Students praise its “refreshing, slower pace of life” as well as “the 15 bars downtown that are no more than 80 feet from each other.”

2. University of Mississippi (University, Mississippi)

Many undergrads view the university as “a great Southern school with amazing traditions and great standards [where students know] how to have a good time.” An “extremely popular” Greek system is one such tradition that hasn’t lost any steam. As one student shares, “Most activities outside of class or studying are centered on Greek life,” which includes not only “an enormous amount of…partying,” but also the opportunity to be “among the most involved and active people on campus.”

3. University of Texas at Austin (Austin, Texas)UT Austin offers “a huge college scene that translates into lots of parties…every weekend, from the Greek houses to off-campus houses, apartments, co-ops, etc.” Thrown into the mix are “football games and other sporting events” which many declare “a lot of fun.” Students looking to get off campus gravitate to Sixth Street as “it hosts bar after bar and an interesting scene. It’s like Austin’s version of Bourbon Street.”

4. University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida)Undergrads here agree that “students at UF like to have fun.” Fortunately for them the opportunities are abundant. There’s “a lot of stuff to do on campus,” and if partying is your thing, there are “37 fraternity/sorority houses” and “an ample number of clubs to check out” downtown. The greater Gainesville area “offers enough things to do” that “not being Greek does not hamper one’s social life.” Indeed, Gainesville “is a true college town–everything is catered to the UF student.”

5. University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)“People think Athens is a party town and that everyone goes downtown, which is pretty much true,” one student admits. However, undergrads are quick to assert this is far from a negative trend as Athens is, “hands-down the world’s best college town, whether you go to the bars or not.” Adds another delighted student, “There’s a saying in Georgia: ‘If you lead a good life and say your prayers, when you die you’ll go to Athens.'” The Greek scene and Dawgs After Dark, the university’s late Friday-night programming, round out the campus social scene.

6. Penn State-University Park (University Park, Pennsylvania)At Penn State, “People party as hard on the weekends as they study during the week.” Popular destinations for freshmen and sophomores are “frat or apartment parties,” while “those over 21″ enjoy “College Avenue [which] has a great range of over 20 bars.” Non-drinkers take heart, “If someone is not a partier, there are plenty of activities and organizations” he or she can devote time to. Regardless of proclivity for partying, “PSU football is a religion” and almost “everyone goes to the football games and tailgates on Saturdays.”

7. University of New Hampshire (Durham, New Hampshire)UNH students laud “the [great] social scene” where “the Greek system is strong and very involved in the campus community.” Additionally “there are also numerous sports clubs, intramurals, and other groups to get involved in.” Undergrads generally “like to party, and the opportunities are plentiful. Along with UMass, we’re probably the place to go and party if you’re going to school in the New England region.” One student observes, “Life is all about going to class in sweats and getting dressed up to [party].”

8. Indiana University at Bloomington (Bloomington, Indiana)Students describe a “wild party scene,” of which many readily take advantage. As one undergrad explains, “With 30-something-thousand students going to IU, at least half of them are out partying on the weekend, so you can always find something wild [and] crazy…to do!” Perhaps most beloved is the Little 500–“the greatest college weekend in the world,” students claim–a bike race that “requires standing room-only viewing from the thousands of students, faculty, and fans who come to watch the 30-plus teams compete.”

9. Ohio University Athens (Athens, Ohio)Students tell us that “Ohio University is the perfect mixture of business with pleasure,” adding, “We get the work done on the weekdays so we can party hard on the weekends.” Many agree that OU has “an amazing party scene” with “a laid-back social life.” Much of OU social life revolves around the downtown bar scene where students can kick back and enjoy the “rock, punk, and folk bands that flourish in the many bars and cafes.” That said, students appreciate the balance OU provides. “The people at this school teach you about awareness, confidence, and how to throw a really good party.”

10. University of California, Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, California)

Santa Barbara contains “IV (Isla Vista, the local, mostly student community)” where “17,000 19-to-21-year-olds are all jam-packed into this six-tenths-of-a-square-mile community, so you can imagine how the parties are. Every night is wild, but, obviously, Friday and Saturday nights are the craziest.” However, parties aren’t the only source of distraction. The natural surroundings also offer constant temptation. As an undergrad points out, “UCSB is on the beach…literally. As I’m writing this survey, I’m looking out my dorm window and seeing the ocean, just feet from my building.”

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  1. This is empirical evidence to prove that MSU deserves to be on this list.

  2. […] UNH students laud “the [great] social scene ” where “the Greek system is strong and very involved in the campus community.” Additionally “there are also numerous sports clubs, intramurals, and other groups to get involved in. … Continue here: Top 10 Party Schools in The US, Top 10 Party Colleges […]

  3. Joe says:

    Western Michigan University. We hold the most people that can’t remember the night before. Thats why we didn’t make it on the rolling stones mag list.

  4. Cali says:

    St. John’s University In Jamaica, NY Should be the #1 party school in the Country. Not only does St. John’s University throw one of the biggest college concerts in New York City, they also are famous for there annual ‘Jump Off’ party which is at the beginning of each semester. With hundreds of organizations including fraternities, sororities and clubs they average about 60 events a semester (all including parties, social gatherings, game shows, step shows, fashion shows etc.) St. John’s is not only one of the most popular private schools, and home of a popular sports teams & players in New York City but in the country; students from all over New York City commute and dorm at St. John’s University. While visiting St. John’s University you endure a very diverse atmosphere including bumping into students from Boston, MA to Atlanta, GA, and students from India to Trinidad. These aren’t your average students; you will come across some of the youngest entrepreneurs or “go getters” living in New York. Some of the hottest club promoters, producers, rappers, bloggers, and graphic designers in New York City have or still attend St. John’s Univeristy. Promoters such Get Wet Entertainment (who through “Winterfest Concert 2008″ with Hot 97 & affiliated with underground rapper “Punch”), Doh Care (who through the “5 Boro Takeover Concert” with Hot 97), Members Only, Grammy Family, and Flow Famlay just to name a few. St. John’s has also birthed New York cities hottest DJ’s whose names are known nationally. DJ Spynfo ‘the nympho’ or ‘your girlfriends favorite DJ’ is an offspring of St. John’s is now a “Pitbul” DJ which a group of some of the hottest DJ’s In NYC including Funk Master Flex and others who spin records on Hot 97. DJ Zeke ‘the go to kid’ or ‘the shining star of NYC’ has worked his way to stardom and is continuously spinning records all over NYC. Rodney Hazard AKA Syrenn along with Karriem Little AKA Fyness teamed up to form a non-major label called SyFY and have been working with artist from Joe Budden (produced “Sidetracked” by Joe Budden) to Day 26. Kurt Damas or most popularly known as Kocky-K is a talented hard working rapper who’s album premieres in April of 2009 (“Almost famous”) has published numerous of hit remixed songs on youtube which have gained thousands of views and has worked with many popular artist including Max-B. Blogs are one of top most visited sites online. One of the most popular blogs which estimates a couple thousand views is run by a St. John’s student named Jacques Morel (http://jacquesmorel.blogspot.com/) and has caught the attention of many celebrities and rappers including Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest). Many DJ’s, promoters, producers, rappers & bloggers need designs for their promotion and many have turned to young Free Lance Graphic Designer who attends ST. John’s University by the name of Carl Elie Valrun Jr. or most popular known as Art Boy Cali who has designed blogspot headers, mixtape covers, and most importantly club and college flyer designs. During your next visit to New York City, take the E train up Jamaica NY and take visit St. John’s University. St. John’s is a party school is understatement; St. John’s University is THE party school is the truth.

  5. I'm That Guy says:

    UCSB should be higher on the list… U Can Study Buzzed (UCSB).

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