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Playboy’s Top Ten Party School List, Playboy’s Top Party Colleges

Playboy’s List of Top Party Colleges in the United States:
1. University of Wisconsin-Madison
2. University of California, Santa Barbara
3. Arizona State University
4. Indiana University Bloomington
5. San Diego State University
6. Florida State University
7. Ohio University
8. University of Georgia
9. University of Tennessee
10. McGill University, Canada

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  1. If any college in the country can party harder than Cedarfest 2008 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBEgjqylroE) at MSU then prove it! Until then MSU reigns regardless of any of these bitch lists.

  2. […] home to more nobel laureates than Harvard and Stanford (from1998 – 2004) yet still able to make the top party school list every year.  (and here).  It takes skill to be that smart yet be able to rock that […]

  3. Michigan state definitly cant beat ou says:

    If you think that Michigan States pussy cedarfest 08 is partying hard then you definitly have never been to Halloween at ohio.

  4. Joe says:

    Michigan state can definately out party any of these pussy ass schools that’s why our cops have big ass chevy tahoes for “additional room for canine units and tactical advantages”



    hands down we should be on there … its goes on everyweekend all year long

  6. indiana says:

    hottest? ya if youre into stds.
    and holloween at ohios got nothing on IUs little 500. Its got a book named after it, called The Worlds Greatest College Weekend. Its appropriately named.

  7. Boston says:

    Umass Amherst (Zoo-Mass) deserves recognition. I don’t go to this school, but it sure is known for their parties and #1 in the state of MA.

  8. Sean says:

    Michigan State was retired from the list by Play boy in 2003. Something about the fact that they can’t put professionals on a list of amateurs

  9. IU says:

    if anyone, whether its the OSU or the MSU fucks, think u party the hardest, come to IU during lil 5 week. it has rap superstars, presidents, lance armstrong(who called it the most amazing sporting event hes ever seen) a movie named after it, and more alcohol than u will ever see in ur life. its called the world’s greatest college weekend for a reason

  10. Wisconsin boy says:

    michigan state doesnt have any thing and i dont know what ur talking about in arizona
    why only weekends shit in wisconsin we like to express our love of beer every day

  11. Kenny says:

    Michigan Tech can will out drink/out party any school…for the best time of the year visit in Feb. while winter carni is going on…Any one that visits from other party school always ends up leaving agreeing MTU wins hands down.

  12. Indiana says:

    for anybody that thinks that their college parties hard just got to little 5 at IU on Apirl 23-25 and check it out for yourself it will make any celebration at ur school look like shit

  13. franky says:

    to quote playboy themselves “It would be foolish to place professionals like MSU with a bunch of amateurs”

  14. Purdue says:

    Grand Prix week, all I have to say, an entire week, near the end of school so as many people are legal for it as possible to drink. Not to mention breakfast club, where else do students dress up in costumes and start drinking at 6 am?

  15. Christian says:

    Whoo, so you guys have a big party and everyone gets sloppy drunk and you consider yourselves party schools, congratulations. I fucked a hot chick once, does that make me a pimp? I’d put damn near any Michigan Tech girl against your guys any day. You may party, but we DRINK! Why do you think the Guiness World Record for the most alcohol sold in a 24 hour period is held by Jim’s Food Mart. I’ve had plenty of “big drinkers” from UofM, MSU, CMU, Madison, etc come up (or drank with them elsewhere) and they are a joke. No one I’ve met can hang with us. So you have your parties, I’ll keep my booze. Playboy needs to do better research into such a heated topic, maybe they should come for a visit.

  16. D Dogg says:

    Michigan State hands down. I dont even go there but visit alot. Its CHAOS no joke. Its just stupid how many people are drinking all the time. You gotta visit that zoo.

  17. Sparty On says:

    Christian, the reason MT girls can outdrink people who come up from the Mitten is because no one in their right mind wants to come up to such a pisshole.

    If you’ve never been to Welcome Week, tailgate, Nachofest (block party with 100 kegs and um free f’n nachos), or a little thing called CedarFest (no big deal), then you just don’t get it.

  18. SCONNIE says:

    Obviously none of you have been to Madison to party. MSU sucks at partying and if u want to see a real parrty come to madison during the mifflin block party or freakfest…. or just anyday ur garunteed to get trashed

  19. MD Guy says:

    I’ve been to MSU parties….they are crazy. Gorgeous girls, too! I also went to Penn State recently….they were….okay.

  20. CMU says:

    honestly in Michigan state is a fucking joke and Centrals where the partys at

  21. MSU4Life says:

    Hey CMU…do they teach grammar at your campus?

  22. Vince says:

    This was said about MSU a few years ago

    “Michigan State University will no longer be considered for our annual list of party schools because we feel it is unfair to include professionals on a list of amateurs.” -Playboy

  23. Shawn says:

    Michigan Tech is not a party school…. But they can outdrink any school out there. If anybody disagrees, come to Tech for Winter Carnival, Halloween, or O-week…. Or any night of the week

  24. HTizzle says:

    Foolish u had the right quote but it was the University of Arizona they said were the pros not pussy MSU go and look it up if u don’t belive me…

  25. HTizzle says:

    Sorry franky I mean, fraudian slip I guess

  26. MTUwin says:

    MSU…your aren’t the top drinking school(not even close), you do hold damn good parties but only last till 2am, and are BYOB. The MTU parties always have barrels on tap, and go to when ever the hell we want. The school slogan of Mich Tech is as follows…”Out drinking you since 1885″

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