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As always, please post more Lyrics that deal with drinking if you know of any! Thanks!

First you start mumbling, Then you start stumbling
Then your motor skills start malfunctioning
Could it be the intake, Of the chemical that makes your body shake
All over, so critical
First one running to the bar, To get a drink
First one hanging out the car, Chunky pink
Really paralyzed, numb up and sedated, Moving with that rubber band body when you faded
Smoke about an ounce of weed, Drank ten beers, it’s just a
It’s just a Matter of time before you start getting the fears
You can’t steer?
You can’t hear?
You ain’t here, you can’t steer clear?
You wanna go home?
When you see somebody stumbling when they walk by
Tell ’em hey kid, walk straight, master your high
Droolin from the mouth with them bloodshot eyes
Tell ’em hey kid, walk straight, master your high
You took a half of shrooms, you think you gon die?
Hey kid, walk straight, master your high
Can’t remember a thing no matter how hard you try
Master your high
First you smoke indo, Then some chocolate
But the gin and juice got you skyrocketing
Yo, can I get a Long Island? Who got the bud?
Now you wanna lay it down, In the club
You supposed to be a thug drinking thug passion
But you can barely push it to the house, Without crashing
Now, you know better, Than getting that saucy
Trying to mix tequila, With kamekaze and Rossi
Fudge brownies, With ganja butter
Then you wanna hit the bone? Your eyes flutter
Yo, she had a happy face, On her ecstacy
She started touching her private place, While she standing next to me
You shoulda had one drink, Like your girl
Now you in the bathroom, Calling Earl
Oh, now you got the spins, The head-twirls
Underestimate your high, It rocked your world
First you need oxygen, For circulation
Then you need agua, Rejuvination
Maybe you should eat something, But nothing spicy
Maybe try a cold thai, Nice and icy
Now you can’t leave here, You can barely open doors
Maybe take a shower, Open your pores
Just try to shake it off, Have some activity
Get your shit together, Then come back to the festivities
I’m not saying don’t get high, Cuz that’s on you
I’m just saying if you don’t get high, Then what to do?
See, my friend right here, Can hold his liquor
But my friend right here, Is getting sicker
Yo, he started beef with my homie over what?
Shootthis fool to the house, Go sober up
Maybe you should listen up, Heed the warning
Before you gonna wake up sick as fuck, In the morning
God DAMN! ~ Master Your High lyrics

Alkaline Trio
“Sorry I’m late, I was out spoiling my liver. I couldn’t wait, the sun was up for far too long today. And i cant see straight, but the two of you look awfully pretty. And i couldn’t wait, been awake for far too long today.” ~ Cooking Wine

“Waking up, zeroed in on medicine. Am i waking up at all today? Seeing lights, feeling pain, there’s my cure on ice. I can walk, but I will crawl there.” ~ Crawl

“Never had a drink I didn’t Like. Got a taste of you and threw up all night.” ~ Crawl

“Just give me medicine, prescribe me anything. Just knock me out and walk me through that door. Well, I have no desire to see through my own eyes anymore.” ~ Take Lots With Alcohol

“Did I remember to keep your beer as full as mine, did I remember to say cheers?” ~ I’m Dying Tomorrow

“A Lonely liver suspended in liquid.” ~ Bleeder

“And this is for those who drink Malt Liquor, put the poison in your body just to pass out quicker. When death calls best believe it’s gonna get all emotional cause I ain’t goin’ to hell without my menthol’s.”~ The Things that Hate Us

“Everybody say “Ho” for the Cuervo! You can drive if you promise to be careful.” ~ The Things that Hate Us

“Aint no way, to explain or say,
How painful the hang over was today,
In front of the toilet, hands and knees,
Trying to breathe in-between the dry-heaves.
My baby made me some coffee,
Afraid that if I drink some it’s probably comin right back out me.
Couple of Advil, relax and chill,
At a stand still with how bad I feel.
I think I need to smell fresh air,
So I stepped out the back door and fell down the stairs.
The sunlight hit me dead in the eye like,
It’s mad that I gave half the day to last night.
My bad sight made me trip on my ass right,
Into that patch of grass like that’s life.
All of the sudden, I realize somethin,
The weather is amazing, even the birds are bumpin.
Stood up and took a look and a breathe,
And there’s that light that I forgot that I possessed.
Never really seen exercise this friendly,
But I think something’s tellin me to ride that Case B.
The brakes are broken, that’s alright.
The tires got air and the chain seems tight.
Hopped on, and felt the summertime,
It reminds me of one of them moosob lines

Sunshine sunshine its fine,
I feel it in my skin, warmin up my mind,
Sometimes you gotta give in to win,
I love the days that it shines,
Whoa let it shine,

Whoa let it shine,
Whoa let it.

If I could I would keep this feelin in a plastic jar,
Bust it out whenever someone’s actin hard.
Settle down barbecue in the back yard,
The kids get treats and old folks get classic cars.
Everyday that gets to passed is a success,
And every woman looks better in a sun dress.
The sunshines an excuse to shoot hoops get juice,
Show improved new moves and let loose.
I hear voices, I see smiles to match ’em,
Good times, and you can feel it in the fashion.
Even though the heat cooks up the action,
The streets still got butterflies, enough kids to catch ’em.
Ridin my bike around these lakes man,
Feelin like I finally figured out my escape plan.
Take it all in the day, started off all wrong,
But somehow now that hang over is all gone.
Aint nothin like the sound of the leaves,
When the breeze penetrates these Southside trees.
leanin up against one, watchin the vibe,
Forgettin all about the stress thankin god I’m alive.
It’s so simple, I had to keep the song simple,
And when I get home, I’m gonna open all the windows.
Feelin’ alright, stopped at a stop sign,
A car pulled up, bumpin’ Fresh Princes’ summertime.
Summer summer,
Time.” ~ Sunshine (Had to put this whole song up, Classic Drinking Song).

“So what’s it gonna be? You all look like whisky people to me.” ~ Ha, This One Is About Alcohol Too

“Here comes a beer, catch all your tears. Drink the remedy forget about your problems. Here comes a shot, lose all your thoughts. Drink the remedy forget about your problems. This one’s on me, fix you for free. Drink the remedy forget about your everything. This one’s on me, got what you need. And take your medicine, you’ll feel better friend. And that’s life, but with these gas prices it’s cheaper to just drink yourself to sleep. Dependency can be your best friend once you know that drugs and alcohol is all you’ve got that’s dependable. It’s enough to make you want to huff the paint again, and lock yourself in the bathroom with the Jameson. Nah man, come down here and make a friend. If you do right you won’t remember tonight. We’re still open so have another cold one. Until you don’t recognize where you woke up.” ~ Ha, This One Is About Alcohol Too

“Catch me in the back with a whisky. Chattin’ up a Missy, like I’m attractive a witty.” ~ Crewed Up

The Eagles
“Take another shot of courage
Wonder why the right words never come
You just get numb
It’s another tequila sunrise,this old world
still looks the same,
Another frame” ~ Tequila Sunrise

Felt (Slug & Murs)
“7 in the morning police at my door, but i spent last night on someone else’s floor.
Out the back window, didnt know where I was.
Still kinda buzzed with a head full of drugs.” ~
Early Morning Tony

“See the pool of vomit that you standin’ in?
Yeah thats your mans and them. Whats up with your mans and them?” ~ Your Mans and Them

Garth Brooks
“Cause I’ve got friends in low places
Where the whiskey drowns
And the beer chases my blues away
And I’ll be okay
I’m not big on social graces
Think I’ll slip on down to the oasis
Oh, I’ve got friends in low places” ~ Friends in Low Places

Kenny Chesney
“We had a keg in the closet,
Pizza on the floor
Left over from the night before
Where we were going we didn’t really care
We had all we ever wanted
And that keg in the closet” ~ Keg in the Closet

The Grouch
“No i don’t wear hemp or drink liquor, and that don’t make me the man, just a little bit sicker.” ~ Artsy

Ice Cube
“Its ironic, I had the brew, she had the chronic.
The Lakers Beat the Super Sonics.” ~ It Was A Good Day

“Drunk as hell, but no throwin’ up,
Half way home and my pager’s still blowin’ up.” ~ It Was A Good Day

Mickey Avalon
“I like a girl with caked up makeup
in the sunshine smoking cigarettes to pass the time
who wakes up to a bottle of wine on the nightstand
bites and scratches the blinds” ~ So Rich, So Pretty

“I woke up with a headache from the night before, because sometimes I drink.
I spent the night with my head in a toilet bowl, that’s where i like to think.” ~ Missing Pieces

“My mind is turning, just two shots more
there’s not much left to play.” ~ That Was a Crazy Game of Poker

“Who’s up for game three, I can barley see the bourbon drowning next to me.” ~ That Was a Crazy Game of Poker

“And I drink a bottle of whiskey, ‘fore,
came to the bar to see whats the same.” ~ That Was a Crazy Game of Poker

“All this time did you think I would be here for your sake, I hope you got a bottle of Wine. And if it’s a drinking problem, I’ll be laughing at the bottom because I already finished mine” ~ Nice Time

Snoop Dogg
“Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice. Laid back (with my mind on my money and my money on my mind).” ~ Gin & Juice

“The answer’s always waiting at the liquor store. 40 ounces to freedom, so I take that walk.” ~ 40 OZ to Freedom

Tom Waits
Song ~ The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)

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  1. Iirish says:

    I write too and I took some of these lyrics n it stormed too! Well just wanna put sumfin! Am higher than ur highness! Quit drinking it doesn’t make sense! Premium quality and daz d finest! Told ma alcohol was destined for greatness! And it taste best! Ha..am iirishmoneii hala ! Am real crazy in za brain! Cheerz

  2. Jean Carter says:

    Do you have the rest of this drinking song.ou ..heard years ago.

    “Twas a cold day in October and I was fer from sober as I carried home my likker in manly pride. Oh my head begun to flutter and I flopped down in the gutter and a hog came up and laid down by my side.
    [don’t know the next lyrics**************************************************************************************
    *****************************************************************************************************************] Then I heard a lady say, ‘You can tell a man who boozes by the company he chooses… and the hog got up and slowly walked away.

  3. Barry says:

    I’m trying to find who sings this song with the lyrics “I see you driving in the middle of the night, i follow you time and time again if you’re not right,I’ve nothing to do, I hope you finally slip a move cause you probably been drinkin’ you probably been drinkin’

    it’s driving me crazy, I’d like to buy music by this band or artist, but can’t seem to find out who it is. thanks

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