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International Toasts

International Toasts

Albanian: Gezuar! (All good things to you)
Se hetan (To your health)
Nga mot gezuar (Happiness for many years)
Rrofsh sa malet (May you live as long as the hills)
Te kini shendene (May you enjoy good health)

Arabic: Al salam alaycum (Peace be with you)
B’ism Allah! (In God’s name)
Kasak! (In your honor)
Sihatikom! (To your health!)
Besehtak! (To your health! Good luck! Success! Happiness)
Fi sihtak! (To your health)

Argentinean: Salud! (To your health)

Armenian: Genatzt

Australian: Cheers!

Austrian: Prosit! (May it be to your health)

Belgian: Op uw gezonheid! (To your health)

Bolivian: Salud! (To your health)

Brazilian: Saude! Viva! (To your health)

Chinese: Yum sen! (Drink to victory)
Kan pei! (Bottoms up)

Czech/Slovak: Na Zdravi! (Health to you)

Danish: Skal! (A salute to you)

Dutch: Proost!
Op je gezondheid (To your health)

Esperanto: Je zia sano!

Estonian: Tervist! (Good health to you)
Parimat tulevikuks! (Best for your future)

Farsi: Salumati!

Finnish: Kippis! Terveydeksi! (To your health)

French: A vortre sante! Sante! Chin! (To your health)
Je leve mon verre a votre sante. (I raise my glass to your health)
Ici a la ange avec un demander pour un diable! Moi!
(Here’s to an angel with a yearning for a devil! Me!)

German: Prosit! (To health)
Ofen warm, Bier kalt, Weib jung, Wein alt.
(Oven warm, beer cold, wife young, wine old)

Greeks: Eis Igian!
Stin ygia sou! (To your health)

Greenlandic: Kasuguta!

Gypsy: May you live until a dead horse kicks you!

Hawaiian: Havoli maoli oe! (To your happiness)
Kou ola kino! (To your health)
Huapala! (To my sweetheart)

Hebrew: L’Chaim (To life)

Hungarian: Kedves egeszsegere!

Icelandic: Santanka nu!

Indian: Aap ki sehat ke liye! (To your health)

Indonesian: Selemat!

Irish: Slante!

Italian: A la salute!
Viva l’amore! (Long live love)
Cin-cin! (All things good to you)

Japanese: Omedeto Gozaimasu! (Congratulations)
Kampai! Banzai! Campi! (Bottoms up)

Korean: Ogung bai! (Bottoms up)
Chu-kha-ham-ni-da! (Congratulations)

Lithuanian: I sveikatas! (To your health)

Mexican: Salud!

Moroccan: Saha wa’afiab!

New Zealand: Kia ora!

Norwegian: Skal!

Pakistani: Sanda bashi!

Philippine: Mabuhay!

Romanian: Noroc! (Good luck)

Spanish: Salud!
Salud y amor sin suegra! (Health and love without a mother in law.)

Thai: Chai you! (To your health and well-being)

Yiddish: Mazel tov! (Congratulations)
Zol zon tzgezhint! (To your good health)

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