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Brass Monkey Drink Recipe – Gangster Version

This drink consists on about three parts malt liquor and one part Sunny Delight (or any type of orange juice you prefer.)

40 oz. Malt liquor (Olde English 800, King Cobra, etc.)
Orange Juice

Typically we will drink the 40 oz. down just below the top of the label. Then fill it back up the rest of the way with your choice of orange juice. Cheap, Easy and Good!

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  1. brendo234 says:

    If you’re real gangster, use and O.E. 64 instead of a 40.

  2. Bastian says:

    Dude next time instead of 40’s for “Edward 40 Hands” we should do Brass Monkeys. O.E is the best beer ever brendo234

  3. Prophet Ecks says:

    the Correct name for this drink is a Compton….just so you all know !!!!!!

  4. fox says:


    ‘this guy is a douche, “a compton?” Bitch Please!

  5. […] #3 – Brass Monkey – One of the greatest tasting drinks i have ever had. Its almost like a mimosa, but will get you drunk! And all you who have never seen girls drink malt liquor, just give them one of these. All you need is a 40, of your favorite Malt Liquor, and any type of Orange Juice. Drink the 40 down to the top of the label, then refile the 40 to the top with the Orange Juice. Simple and Fantastic!! Click Here to view the Brass Monkey Drink Recipe. […]

  6. […] Brass Monkey – One of the greatest tasting drinks i have ever had. Its almost like a mimosa, but will get you […]

  7. Navy Doc says:

    For the wanna be gangsta who thinks this drink is called a compton. Whatever junior. We were drinking this shit way back in the day. Or to be more exact, our bitches were drinking it and then we were on the Brass Monkey train. Props to the Beastie Boys for singing about this back in the 80’s.

  8. Runlikeh3ll says:

    This has “high school” written all over it. Ah, memories.

  9. prophetecks says:

    been drinking this for oh 16 years have always called it a compton…. from what i know…beer mixed with any forty was a brass monkey….mix with OE is called a compton… idk… was in new york in the early 90’s and the guy told me it was a compton…wether or not its true .idk..like i said ive been alling it that for 16 years..not gonna change…sound beter then brass Monkey any who….

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