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Why drink and online gambling don’t always go together

There’s nothing wrong with a little tipple, and there’s nothing wrong with a little flutter, however where online gambling is concerned they are not always the best of bedfellows. Online gambling is usually a solitary activity – you might be interacting with others via the site, but you are sitting on your own. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, as we all well know, and makes anything seem like a good idea. Therefore it can interrupt your ability to make a sensible bet, and a bad bet might end up seeming like a very good idea indeed.

Both alcohol and any online activity can act as time warps – ever been in a club for what feels like twenty minutes, online to find out that it’s actually two a.m. and the bouncer is not your friend? Or had a ‘quick look online’ for Christmas presents and managed to spend an entire evening on Amazon? So combining the two together can be deadly for those who have time and budget limits for their online gambling.

Alcohol and gaming both cost money. For those who have gambling budgets this isn’t such a problem, although a glass of wine or four might make gamblers inclined to over step their budget. Drink can also make you a bit morose, which can lead to reckless or ill-considered behavior (like putting your life savings on red, because *hic* issallajoke, righ’? *hic*) that can damage your finances.

Online gambling and alcohol mix less well than live gambling because there isn’t the same ‘party’ atmosphere. Online casinos don’t have tall, good-looking women walking around handing out drinks – there are no distractions. If you want to try this for yourself the you could play the best Canadian online slots games at LuckyNuggetCasino.com/online-slots. Behavioral scientists have made links between alcohol and gambling addiction in the past – both are repetitive, both are habit forming, and both should be handled with care. Unlike in a ‘bricks and mortar’ casino, online casinos can’t tell if you’ve had enough – so it’s up to you to monitor your behavior.

Everything in moderation can lead to a very good time indeed. Both gambling and drinking have to be approached with a healthy mind set, which means doing neither too much or for too long. Online gambling is a fantastic hobby when well-managed, so why ruin it with drink? The Australian Government has this very interesting page about alcohol and gambling, when they mix well and when they don’t. Give it a read – The Right Mix.

California DUI Defense Attorneys and California DUI Lawyers

Here are a list of California DUI Defense Attorneys. They all specialize in Drunk Driving Defense and are members of the National College for DUI Defense. Here are a list of California DUI Defense Attorneys. They all specialize in Drunk Driving Defense and are members of the National College for DUI Defense. There are links below for all DUI Defense attorneys all over California. Whether you need one in northern California or Southern California, we have a link for a great Drunk Driving Lawyer Below.

Know Your Limits!
Click here for DUI Blood Alcohol Levels aloud for all 50 States.

From california-drunkdriving.org:

Law Offices of Lawrence Taylor:California DUI Attorneys
Offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, Marin County, Riverside and San Diego. AV-rated 11-attorney firm, averaging 14 years experience, accepts DUI clients only. A UC Berkeley graduate, Taylor is a former prosecutor and Fulbright Professor of Law, former Dean of the National College for DUI Defense, Board-certified and the author of the standard book in the field, Drunk Driving Defense. This large firm is listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers and is apparently unique in having a technical support staff of former law enforcement experts and officers.

Law Office of Darryl Genis:Santa Barbara DUI Lawyer
Office in Santa Barbara. A Loyola Marymount graduate, Genis has handled in excess of 4500 DUI cases over the past 27 years, is government-certified as both a breathalyzer operator and a field sobriety testing instructor, and is a member of the National College for DUI Defense. Practices DUI defense exclusively in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo.

Law Office of James M. Webster:Central Valley DUI Attorney
Office in Sonora. Webster is a former Chief Prosecutor with over 25 years criminal litigation experience, and a member of the National College for DUI Defense. Represents clients in the counties of Calaveras, Tuolumne, Mariposa, Madera, Stanislaus, Merced, San Joaquin and Amador.

Law Office of Jeffrey C. Stotter:Northern Valley DUI Attorney
Office in Redding. Mr. Stotter is a graduate of UC Irvine and Syracuse University College of Law, served as a deputy district attorney, has 16 years experience and is a member of the National College for DUI Defense. Shasta, Siskiyou, Trinity and Tehama Counties.

Law Office of Terry A. Wapner:Central Valley DUI Attorney
Office in Fresno. Mr. Wapner is a USC graduate, a former prosecutor with 19 years experience, and has been certified in field sobriety testing. Member, National College for DUI Defense. Fresno, Madera, Merced, Stanislaus, Kings and Tulare Counties.


The A-List of Celebrity Cocktails – Top 10 Celebrity Cocktails

To those in the know, the moment when a person becomes a bona fide celebrity is not when they first grace the pages of a trashy magazine, nor when they first get recognised in the street. It’s only at the point when a person has a cocktail named after them, that they truly pass beyond the frontiers of our normal public realm and into the absurd and adored world of real fame. So who’s made it onto the celebrity cocktail A-list? Without further ado, here are our top 10 celebs available in liquid form at a haunt near you:

  1. Barack Obama – The big dawg. In global terms, they don’t come more famous than the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Alongside a Nobel Peace Prize, Barack also has a number of drinks named after him to his credit, often involving a tropical juice-based nod to his Hawaiian heritage.
  2. Britney Spears – Something sweet and tacky with this lady’s name attached to it is never more than a few bars away in most cities.
  3. Graham Norton – In a Graham Norton cocktail, fruity flavours and a generous amount of brown sugar around the rim are both a must. The last bit is pretty gross when you think about it.
  4. Margaret Thatcher – A number of bars in the UK have taken to serving Bloody Marys as Maggie Thatchers in the wake of the iron lady’s demise. There’s no doubt that these concoctions are suitably divisive, with ingredients including tomato juice, celery and Tabasco.
  5. Jack Bauer – Drinkers around the globe celebrate the 24 star with this jager-based concoction that’s guaranteed to keep you going around the clock!
  6. Nathan Fillion – A Canadian favourite. Smooth but with a fruity bite. Get some dark rum in there, after all, he was captain of a space pirate ship! Knock one back whilst playing on Intertops Casino in homage.
  7. Jimi Hendrix – This purple vodka and syrup-based cocktail will have things looking a little hazy in no time at all!
  8. Satan – Whether or not you actually think he’s real, the Devil still looms large in our public consciousness, which is probably why there are several drinks named after the sod. They say he’s got all the best songs, so why not the best cocktails too?
  9. Paul Gascoigne – If you’re after proof that bar staff are quite cruel people, look no further than the ‘Gazza’, a drink featuring a stomach-turning combination of numerous spirits – both wicked in its humour and grim for the customer!
  10. Vladimir Putin – This vodka-heavy cocktail will have you riding a horse topless through the woods and play-wrestling with huge dogs in next to no time at all. Or that’s what you’ll think you’re doing at least.

Convenient Beer Bottle Bongs

If you have ever been to a party (stupid question) then you will probably be aware of funnel bongs. Dome shaped with a foot of tubing that allows you to quickly down a beer…or two. They are usually great party starters! The only problem with them however is their size. Yeah, they aren’t as big as a fridge and we aint complaining that our lives end when we have to carry them, but in today’s world, smaller equals better (Yeah, that’s right, Steve). For that reason, a beer bottle bong is perfect!

Beer bongs, although compact, still allow you to down your beer in one go; in fact, due to small straw-like tubing that allows air to replace your beer that you drink, you should theoretically be able to down your beer even quicker than a standard beer bong would allow you. They also give a whole new meaning to the phrase pocket rocket.

Beer bongs are not only a great hit amongst college students, party partygoers and frat-parties, but the fun of competing with others to down a beer will even get your Granny to use one:

If all else fails, they are extremely cheap and make great Birthday and Christmas presents! Especially when you are strapped for cash and you don’t want to be that friend who is shit at buying gifts.

Please comment below if you have had a chance to use a bottle beer bong before and what your thoughts are compared to a standard funnel beer bong.

Fun Things to do with Beer on the 4th of July

The 4th of July is just around the corner, and I’m sure you are looking for fun things to do during your 4th of July parties and BBQs. We have got just the thing for you!

This year, while you are sitting around drinking beer and barbequing you should be making your own beer!  That’s right, make your own home brewed beer.   What better way to celebrate the 4th than making beer and drinking beer!

If you have never home brewed beer before, it is a great hobby that will become a passion of yours once you see and taste the great quality beers that you are able to make right in your own back yard!  Whether you like Pale Ales, IPA’s, Brown Ales, Blonde Ales, Stouts, Porters, etc., you name it, you can brew it!

You and your friends and family will have a blast brewing because you get to appreciate all the fresh ingredients that go into making beer!  There is nothing like smelling the the fresh hops before they get tossed into the kettle, or the roasted smell of the barley as it steeps.  Home brewing will give a much greater appreciation for beer and help you to expand your tastes for different styles of beer.

This 4th of July we will be brewing an All-American Pale Ale.  What better way to celebrate this holiday than brewing an American Ale!

Order your Home Brewing Kit today to get it in time for your 4th of July Party! Home Brewing Starter KitsHome Brewing Ingredient Kits


Keg Outlet – Home and Commercial Kegging Equipment and Supplies

A new keg website was just launched and is one of the best out there!  It is called Keg Outlet, a sister company of Brew PS (Home Brewing Supplies).

The online keg supply store specializes in home kegging kits and home kegging equipment for both commercial kegs and hombrew kegs.  This store has got everything you are looking for, whether you need a whole keg set-up to start kegging your home brewed beer at home (Cornelius keg, Co2 tank, Regulator, Beer and Co2 Hoses, Draft Beer Faucet, etc.) or you just need a cool new commercial keg tap for your next party!  Or maybe you are just looking for replacement parts for your existing keg system, whatever it may be, chances are they have got it!

They have cool party taps that feature pump handles, hand pumps, foot pumps, and even 2 and 3 way dispensing party taps!  Don’t throw another party where you have a line waiting at the keg because you only have one tap.  Get a new Party Tap with multiple faucets so you can have a few people filling their beers at the same time!

Plus, as a bonus to their already great prices, Keg Outlet is celebrating the launch of their new site by offering you 5% OFF your entire order!  This coupon is good through all of 2012!  Just type in this coupon code when you are going through the checkout – 5OFFKEG12

If you are a home brewer who still bottles beer, its time to make the switch!
“Stop Bottling, Start Kegging!”

Happy Halloween with Fun Halloween Drink Recipes and Cocktails

Halloween is only a few days away, and being one of the most fun holidays of the year, you need to make sure that you celebrate it with some fun drink recipes and cocktails this year. Check out some of the fun Halloween cocktail and Drink recipe ideas from the links below.

Check out all the scary and fun drinks that will make this years Halloween party a blast for all to be at!

Halloween Drink Recipes HERE

More Halloween Cocktail Recipes HERE

Halloween Punch Recipes HERE

Have a SofaKing Great Halloween!  And DON’T Drink and Drive!!!

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Find Cheap Beer Near You – Save on Brew

The internet is full of — let’s face it — useless shit. Remember Subservient chicken? Yep, that was time well spent.


Every once in a while, the internet makes us go: Hrmmm. These guys are onto something.


The idea is — put in your zip code (or better, your full address) and some sort of magical internet gnomes find all the lowest advertised beer within X miles of your location (there’s a radius filter — 5 miles, 10 miles, etc.) Sort of like Google for beer.

You can sort the results, and then click on the beer to get all sorts of useful details, including a handy dandy Google map that shows you where you can go to get the suds. If we’d had this back in college, we could have saved our folks a ton-o-cash!

The results show domestics, imports, crafts and ‘adult flavored beverages.’ I put in my zip code and found more than 60 deals within 5 miles of my zip. Pretty cool! Due to the nature of how craft beers advertise, there are fewer there than we’d like to see. But as those craft beers grow up, so will their advertising budgets and then they can get in and mix it up a little better with the big boys.

As of this writing, they say they’re just “a couple weeks away” from their mobile app, which will make this thing about ten thousand times more awesome.

Try it out and tell your friends. That’s what beer buddies are all about.

Home Brewing Supplies Online, The Best Place to Buy Homebrew Equipment

For all our readers that Homebrew their own beer, and all our readers that haven’t started home brewing, we wanted to share this amazing home brewing supply website with everyone!

The website is called Brew PS, and it is by far the best website to shop at online. For a couple of reasons;
1. The site is well thought-out, and well laid-out, making it very easy to navigate and find what you need.
2. Their prices are some of the best that you will find!  Brew PS’ prices are among the lowest out there, you will save a lot of money shopping with them vs. wasting gas driving to a brew store, and then paying a higher marked up price than what you will find on the Brew PS Home Brewing Store!

So whether you are already a home brewer, looking for some brewing ingredients, or need some new/replacement home brewing equipment, Brew PS has got what you need!  And if you haven’t started home brewing yet, now is the time!  Check out the Home Brewing Starter Kits that they offer.  They come with everything you need to get you home brewing your own beer!  And until you can get up to speed on making your own recipes, check out the pre-packaged home brewing ingredient kits, which include all the ingredients, grain steeping bags, hop steeping bags, and bottle caps you need to brew a 5 gallon batch of beer!

So stop over paying and wasting your money on bad tasting beer at the grocery store, start home brewing your own quality beer!

A lot of people ask, is home brewing really worth the time, and money? And will the beer even taste good?
The answer is YES!!!  You will save money home brewing beer, and the best part is, you will get to drink great tasting, quality beer that you made.  After you see all the quality ingredients that get put into your beer, you will understand why these mass produced, American breweries cannot compete with that taste of home brewed beer and smaller craft breweries alike.

Stop kidding yourself, that can of Bud Light doesnt taste good… Go check out Brew PS and start home brewing today!


Visit www.BrewPS.com

Check out this Home Brewing Video to see how easy it is!

BEARPONG Review, Bear Pong Drinking Game

Bear Pong Review Drinking GameI know you are all familiar with Beer Pong, but have you ever heard of Bear Pong?!

This is a fun new take on the classic Beer Pong Drinking game that we all know and love to a whole new scale!  BEARPONG is oversized portable Beer Pong that can be played anywhere!! It does not require unnecessary tables and is extremely portable. Bear pong can be played pretty much anywhere that you have some open space; your backyard, the beach, a park, tailgates etc.  And the whole game comes in a handy carrying case that makes it easy to take with you.

This is a well made game with quality materials.  The buckets and carrying case are high quality and are sure to last a long time.  The game itself is not a drinking game… but it can definitely be adapted to fit your needs!  Just like beer pong, everywhere you play there seems to be slight variations on the rules and when to drink.  BEARPONG can be adapted in the same way.  Here you can find the classic rules, straight from the BEARPONG.com.

Bear Pong is a ton of fun to play with your friends and family and a well needed twist on the game of beer pong!  Beer Pong was getting a bit old and needed a change.  And for all you college students, this game will motivate you to get you out of your dingy dorm room or frat-house and enjoy some fresh air for a change!  We highly recommend ordering yourself a BEARPONG kit.


Feel free to post comments below if you have had a chance to play Bear Pong and what rules you like to play by… especially if you have made this game into your own drinking game!